Use your story and design skills to become a protagonist in your own life.

52 weeks of lessons
12 Demos
12 Live workshops

Pitch Deck

Learn how to channel more powerful stories and designs then showcase your new skills and unique voice in a pitch deck of an original story

Business Plan

Set yourself apart from the competition with a personal brand story, positioning strategy, and clearly defined services.

Mindset Kit

Draw on your storytelling skills and fictional characters to tackle daily challenges and reach flow state.

Tell a new story

Each week you will be challenged to combine Dan Harmon's STORY CIRCLE with ENNEAGRAM insights to create customized stories and designs that will help you tackle the negative stories that are driving your life. Helping you free your creative voice and use your insights to create an authentic original story, pitch deck, business plan, and mindset kit.


Stuck in cycles of burnout, your creative spark is fading. You feel overlooked and face imposter syndrome...with things like AI threatening your value, it sure doesn't help.

"I'm fated to be a struggling creative"

You want your creative voice to be noticed but even when you do have a chance to share your ideas or work, you feel like you'll only have one chance...and it turns the nerves up to 1000%

"I'll only get one chance to escape my fate"

If you could only find the perfect process or tools, you'll be able to feel more secure in using your one chance well.

"I need to be perfect to use my chance when it comes"

You join design courses to prefect your skills. Learning new techniques and creating a portfolio that you keep nitpicking.

"How will I know when I'm ready?"

With portfolio in hand, you feel excited to share your ideas and head to a networking expo.

"If a professional or studio critiques my work, I'll finally be ready"

But even with your deck in hand, you start to spiral. What if it's still not enough...a negative mindset starts to take over and you tuck it away under your arm. Why do you still feel like you're not ready?

"My lack of confidence and perfectionism is stopping me from showing up even when I have work to show"

Sick of the same cycle, you decide this time to use new tactics. Instead of focusing on yet another new paintbrush or software, you decide to starting working on the source of your imposter syndrome.

"My worth is not dependent on external validation, listening to my own voice matters"

Pulling from your current tools, you use your existing skills to transform your mindset, and seek supportive approaches that meet you where you're at. Allowing you to show up, speak up, and change the world as the unique person you are TODAY.

"When I find trust in my present self, I am able to use my resources to create many opportunities"

Accessibility is a top priority

Story Medium is a self-paced course with lifetime access so it's easy to pause at any point. All live sessions are recorded so you can easily find your completed lessons in your member dashboard and pick up where you left off. With support tickets for any technical accessibility requests or technical issues along the way.

You'll also have access to a forum for lesson discussions and helping you find answers to similar questions. If you need an extra push to build momentum, set up accountability sessions with message fellow classmates using the direct message feature.

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