Your Instructor

Jessie Kate Bui

Founder of Hedge Studio

Project Director and Author/Artist of Talking Threads: Costume Design for Entertainment Art
Co-Teacher, History of Fashion at Art Center College of Design, 2018
Design and Story Mentor since 2016, 500+ hours
Storytelling Coach for Entrepreneurs, Brand Story Intensives
Creator of the Parallax Method, a transformative storytelling approach

As an aspiring concept artist, I discovered that story had the power to eliminate my imposter syndrome. I used my insights to conceptualize, project direct, and coauthor Talking Threads: Costume Design for Entertainment Art

But when anxiety and depression threatened to derail the progress I had made, I discovered my professional art and story tools could empower my therapy sessions and reveal a deeper sense of purpose.
Reflecting on my personal experience and years mentoring, I realized that applying our modern storytelling approaches to ourselves can help underrepresented creatives heal a variety of limiting beliefs that stem from challenges such as anxiety or depression, lack of accessibility, stigmatization, financial instability, limited educational access, or racism. Empowering a greater diversity of storytellers to share their stories with the world.

Now through the Story Medium course I share my personal storytelling methodology to help storytellers and creative souls identify, fictionalize, and rewrite their personal narratives so they can become protagonists in their own lives.